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This made me happy and excited and made me blush like a schoolgirl. Thanks for making me feel weird, emilyheller.

This made me happy and excited and made me blush like a schoolgirl. Thanks for making me feel weird, emilyheller.


Photos of Patrick Stewart doing things.

(All photos: @SirPatStew)

Why is Patrick Stewart amazing?

Saved this dudes life today. Saw him heading for a busy road, so I turned him around and guided him back to the shrubbery. He gave me a high five. It was rad. #turtles #iliketurtles #savinglives #natureisawesome

Saved this dudes life today. Saw him heading for a busy road, so I turned him around and guided him back to the shrubbery. He gave me a high five. It was rad. #turtles #iliketurtles #savinglives #natureisawesome

Guardians Of The Galaxy - A review!

Marvel’s newest film, Gurdians Of The Galaxy is in theatres now, to
quite a bit of early praise. Seeming coming out of nowhere, this is an oddball property, helmed by an oddball team. In all fairnes, though, Marvel has been hitting them out of the park. So how does this one do? Is it another fine entry, or should it be left in the hands of the Collector?

It sounds horribly cliched, but it really is a great time to be a
comic fan. We have great films based on some of the most iconic
characters, and the films themselves are finally being taken
seriously. Marvel Studios is squarely sitting at the top of this
trend, and has given us some truly great films, that just happen to be
based on comic books. In the grand scheme of things, they haven’t gotten there without taking a fair amount of risks, though. Their newest, and biggest risk yet, Guardians Of The Galaxy just hit theatres. It’s gotten a lot of mixed reactions early on, and even I was on the fence at first. The early peeks at the film show a lot more humore than usual, something Marvel has walked a fine line with. Couple that with a cast of generally unknown characters, and you have a recipe for either disaster, or another billion dollar baby. And, well, I personally think Marvel’s bank account is about to feel another ten digits larger.

In the grand scheme of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s easy to
figure out why Guardians is there, but it’s not quite clear if its
going to tie that much into the already established universe. The plot is pretty straight forward, but as in most comic book flicks, its all in the journey. Peter Quill,  a human abducted from earth and raised by space pirates, who also goes by the moniker Starlord steals an ancient artifact on a distant planet. His adoptive father Yondu puts a bounty on his head, and once Quill lands on Xandar, things start kicking off. He’s assaulted by Rocket Racoon, Groot, and Gamora, and in the ensuing chaos, they’re arrested, and thrown in the space jail known as the Kyln. There they meet Drax, and they all make an uneasy alliance, so that they can each meet their end goals. As the plot progresses, its shown that the artifact Quill stole was actually
wanted by a much more significant person in the galaxy, and that just causes a heaping spoonful of trouble for the heroes. Plotwise, it all works wonders. Marvel has perfected the art of taking a simple plot, and focusing more on the people, the actions, and the action. It worked well with Thor 2, it worked well with The Avengers, and this another fine example.

This film was no easy task. First off, the characters for the most
part haven’t been seen before. To introduce new characters, and have you feel for their plight is no easy task. But the way they balanced emotion with humor, makes it a little easier than usual, oddly. Set in space, on a handful of planets, one of which is pretty interesting. Tons of aliens inhabit the worlds, and the worlds themselves each feel diferent and unique. Add on James Gunn’s typical oddbal humor, and you have a mighty full plate. Here’s the thing though. Marvel gives oddball directors a chance to do these things, and because of that, they usually succeed. John Favreau is another perfect example. The reason this movie does what it does so well is because Marvel had faith in Gunn. There is a lot of humor. From the opening scene all the way to the after credits stinger, it drips with little humor chunks. But there’s also a lot of anger, a lot aggression, and a lot of emotion in general. Humor is what Gunn is good at, and Marvel knew that, and let him run with it.
Does it ruin the movie? Far from it. Does it make it feel like any
less of a comic book movie? Hell no.

Strictly nerdily speaking, this film is going to throw so much fanboy
speculation of the Marvel Universe right out into the open. Thor 2 touched on it, and now its shown directly where Phase 3 is going to go. That’s why this film is important to the overall arc of everything, it just throws more elements into the mix. A lot of people questioned how it fit into the greater universe Marvel has made, and you fully get the picture here. I think Marvel did a great job of picking a property that can show us where its heading, and working with it to still make it feel connected.

All in all, its another notch in the bedpost for Marvel Studios. I
think its even better than some of the Phase 1 films, by a long shot.
If you’ve been on the fence about the film, get the fence out of your
ass and see it.

5 out 5



Sourced via Vimeo under user superheroreportsafe@yahoo.com. Uploaded via an iPhone, this footage looks pretty genuine. It’s hard to tell however if this video is genuine or if it’s really part of what could be a new Deadpool film.

Only time will tell!